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Keep On Track Happy Couple

How To Easily Track The Progress Of Your New Home 24/7

With so much to organise during the design and build of your new home, how can you avoid having to chase up your builder for updates?

Once the contract is signed, you need to be confident that you have complete visibility and regular communication from your builder. Without regular updates, it’s...

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How To Find A Professional Builder You Can Trust

How do you find a builder you can trust and be confident they’ll still be around to complete the home of your dreams?

Whilst you’re making a series of significant decisions, you want to be sure that your builder is not only able to build your home, but is also part of a stable, secure company...


9 Things You Need To Know Before You Build

Building your dream home is an incredibly exciting opportunity and something that everyone wishes they will get the chance to do in their life. With a blank canvas, you can construct a home that fits your needs perfectly and provides you with some features you've always wanted. 

However, before...

How will I know what is going on with my new home build?

One of the common questions we are asked by our clients prior to signing up is "How can I see what is going on with my new home build?" Rainbow provides each of our new home clients with access to our unique online portal for this exact purpose.

Decisions - Selecting Siding for Your New Home

It’s funny how we sometimes miss the forest for the trees.

Making the Most of Visiting a Display Home

It’s an exciting idea, getting to see what could be your family’s new home in the flesh. But be careful that you use your time wisely.

Will your house frames stand the test of time?

When building a new home, you want it to last, right? You want it to be strong, straight and true. You want it backed by one of Australia's largest companies. The frames of the home are critical to the successful completion of your new home. So how do you ensure you can have all these wants?

Why you shouldn't choose the cheapest builder's quote

Who doesn't love to save a dollar? But at what cost. When you are talking about the biggest investment decision in your life, shouldn't you make sure you are receiving value for money?

Why does it take so long to build a new home?

In this modern age where instant gratification, online ordering, next day and same day deliveries are the norm, why does the average home take so long to build? Read on to find out why and how you can ensure that everything is being done to minimise these times.

3 Ways To Guarantee Your Move In Date

Everyone has heard of a horror story with delays when building a new home. Everyone has a particular date or event that they want to be in their home for. Christmas, birthdays, holidays etc. In fact nearly all homes suffer from one type of delay. So how do you guarantee your moving in date and...