How To Easily Track The Progress Of Your New Home 24/7

by Matt Smith | Apr 06, 2019

With so much to organise during the design and build of your new home, how can you avoid having to chase up your builder for updates?

Once the contract is signed, you need to be confident that you have complete visibility and regular communication from your builder. Without regular updates, it’s hard to be sure that nothing has been overlooked or forgotten.

Plus, you want to be confident that your home is being finished to the highest standard and that issues or delays aren’t being covered up. Any delays will cost you money and worse still, you’ll miss out on family time or waste hours chasing updates or going over covered ground.

And, when you do move in, you don’t want to be burdened with structural issues or warranty claims to try and resolve issues that are down to poor craftsmanship.


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Communication Is Key...

With numerous considerations, deadlines and decisions to be made, it’s important for your builder to be organised and provide regular updates. As the author and presidential speechwriter, James Humes once said, “the art of communication is the language of leadership”.

When you are kept informed about the progress of your new home every step of the way, not only can you be confident that your builder is a great communicator...You will also know that your builder is organised in dealing with and documenting your enquiries and requests, ensuring your new home is everything you wanted it to be.

Choose A Builder With The Right Management Tools

All too often, clients are cautious about contacting their builder or when they do speak, are unsure that their discussion has been captured and built into the project. So, it’s important you choose a builder that uses the latest project management tools, to help them document, schedule and coordinate the development of their homes.

It’s crucial that Tasmania's Designer Home Builderyou have access to regular pictures of the build, so you can track and review the progress of your new home, every step of the way. This saves you countless trips to site and takes away the stress of wondering what’s happening with your new home.

During the build is probably the only time you get to see what’s behind the walls, so having a record and being confident of the craftsmanship going into it, is important.

Any conversations you have with your builder need to be documented, it’s not enough to be promised that everything will be taken care of. You need to be confident nothing has been missed. This is especially important as the project unfolds and a few conversations turn into many more.

Get Access To All The Information

Let’s face it, it can be pretty stressful trying to get an update from someone who doesn’t answer or return your calls. When that person is overseeing one of the biggest investments you’ll make and you don’t feel in control, then it becomes even more intense.

Old school builders who don’t give you this access to information about your build or respond to your calls, will make you feel like you need to project manage the whole project for them. We all know someone who thought they’d got a bargain only to be burnt by a bad experience, so our minds begin to jump to conclusions.

But, with online access to all the information and updates you need it doesn’t matter if it’s 10pm at night, or if they’re unavailable to talk, you'll still know exactly what’s going on.

With this in mind, it’s important to discuss the systems your builder uses, before you sign your contract. This will ensure you select the builder that has the communication and project management tools you need.

It will also help you avoid those builders who promise the earth before the contract is signed, but you struggle to reach afterwards.

Know Exactly What’s Going On

Being able to see hHome Design Specialist Tasmaniaow your build is progressing, will help you be confident that your new home is being built on time, without delays. And if there are, you’ll know about it.

With images regularly added to the online portal, you get to see exactly what’s going on. Whereas typically, homeowners never see what’s hidden behind the walls.

With a fully transparent online portal, you will know exactly what fixtures, fittings and materials are being used too.

Plus, you don’t have to wait for days to get the answers you need – simply login for access to exactly the same information as your builder has.

Capture The Memories ...

By working with a builder who uses an online project management tool, you can see photos of your build, keep track of the ‘to do’ list and ensure that everyone is on track for the completion date.

What’s more, you can do this from anywhere in the world at a time which suits you. No need to change travel plans for work or holidays.

And at the end of the build, you will have a personalised album that documents the construction of your new home, for you to enjoy for years to come.

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