What Makes a Good House Builder?

Building your own home is an exciting undertaking, and for many, it is a culmination of a life-long dream. Therefore, finding a good building company that meets your quality, safety, and aesthetic considerations is of absolute importance. What, then, are the qualities of a good professional in this industry? Check out our top picks below.

While experience isn’t everything, it is a good indicator of whether or not a builder can handle your project successfully. Having an established track record, verifiable references, and completed projects that you can benchmark can set good building firms apart from the rest.

Quality and Time Guarantees
A professional firm should be able to clearly outline quality control guarantees at every stage of the project. This means that it conducts a comprehensive review of every stage to ensure quality standards are met, and that it makes sure you—the homeowner—are involved.
Similarly, the firm should also provide guarantees that it would complete the project within the timelines set out in your fixed price industry standard building contract. This helps you plan better in terms of both timelines and budgets. A company that offers both these guarantees is worth considering.

Complete Management Service
A good building company should be a one-stop shop. In other words, it should handle most, if not all, of the major stages of the project, and not just the actual construction. These include liaising with the council, designing your home to your satisfaction, and meeting all the legal requirements. Not only does this ensure the smooth running of the project, but also gives you peace of mind by saving you the inconvenience of having to deal with several contractors.

Insurance and Accreditation
In Tasmania, builders need accreditation, which in turn requires them to be qualified, insured, experienced, and to undertake annual training. A professional company meets all these requirements, giving you peace of mind with regard to quality and safety standards, as well as compliance with the law. In addition, it safeguards your investment, which can be significant, and prevents possible losses through fraud.

It is not uncommon for something to go wrong after an undertaking as significant as building a home. It is therefore important to check whether or not your firm provides warranties at the end of your project, such as a seven-year structural warranty and a three-month maintenance period.

Make the First Step
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