Building homes and knowledge: 2013 in review

2013 in review: Building homes and knowledge. The ups, downs and sideways of the building industry.

What a year it has been for Rainbow Building Solutions. Our business is growing and we have now begun to receive an increase in enquiries from first home builders keen to put the $30K home builders grant into use. The State Government revealed, in early January, that there had been 23 successful applications for the incentive since it was doubled on November 8, 2013, with many more applications in the process of being approved. At the time of the November increase the industry was hoping it would result in an extra 200 to 300 houses being built in 2014. Building homes is something we want to expand on and Rainbow will begin building 6 new homes in the coming month.

Although the first home builder's grant has stimulated an increase of enquiries at Rainbow, we believe our business model, service and reputation have contributed to the reasons we are doing well - and that is building homes. Our floor plans are of the best standard, we offer a quick costing/quote turnaround (click here to try), and our expansion into the north, through our Kings Meadows office, have meant we continue to produce good results in sales. Rainbow has continued to grow, all in the face of many other builders closing down, bad weather delaying building and the grim outlook for 2013 painted by commentators of the sector.

And we could not forget winning the HIA CSR Display Home of the Year. Read why the judges loved the Carlton so much from a previous news article here.

Looking forward into 2014, Rainbow plans to work with the state government on ways in which we can cut red tape, making it easier for both us, and you, to build your home or shed. This plan is due to the fact that a number of Tasmanian surveyors have recently closed down due to the red tape and high insurance premiums they face. The State Government has announced a review of the Building Act to address these concerns. Currently, projects over $5000, including kit carports, sheds, garages and even solar panels, require full design work and planning approval rather than a simple compliance check. However, fear not Rainbow can assist in the project management of all products we sell including garages and sheds.