Our Guarantee’s to YOU


Build Time Guarantee: 

At Rainbow Building Solutions we believe Time IS Money, We guarantee to complete the construction of your home on time and as agreed in your Housing Industry Association (HIA) building contract or we will pay YOU for every day we run over that agreed contract period.

We are respectful of the fact that you need to make arrangements whilst your home is being built. And we know how excited you and your family are to move into your new home.

So from site commencement right through to practical completion, we will take responsibility for ensuring that the construction of your new home is given the priority it deserves.

Of course, we also know that you understand that we need to make certain allowances for delays that are beyond our control (such as council approval delays, bad weather delays and the fact that we are closed over the Christmas / New Year period). For all things that are within our control, we are committed to delivering your new home to you when we tell you it is going to be delivered.

Quality Guarantee:

Rainbow Building Solutions - Hobart & Launceston takes quality seriously. It is one of the greatest areas of our feedback that our clients are impressed by, our attention to detail. Prior to the completion of each major milestone of your new home, our team undertake a thorough review and complete a quality control checklist to ensure our quality standards are met.

To show you we mean business when it comes to quality. At the final walkthrough we will provide you with a copy of the completed comprehensive quality control checklist.

You can rest easy knowing that the quality you deserve and expect of a reputable builder has easily been met.

Fixed Price Guarantee:

We want you to be confident that you have made the right choice and we give you that peace of mind by guaranteeing that your home will be beautifully finished on time and on budget!

From the moment you sign your Housing Industry Association (HIA) building contract and the relevant statutory authorities have approved the construction of your home, your price will be absolute and final. No exceptions. No hidden extras. No surprises. Just one fixed price. Guaranteed!

This fixed-price guarantee means that you know exactly how much your new home is going to cost and we will never charge you a single cent more for any unforeseen items. Only YOU can amend your home building contract.

We are one of only a few builders who offer this assurance and we are confident in doing this because:

  • From the Floor up, we know exactly what your new home will cost;
  • We also believe that before any contract is signed a selection process should be done so we know exactly what fixtures and fittings you would like in your new home. We try extremely hard to avoid “Provisional Sums and Provisional Costs” that can result in “Variations”. We eliminate the chance of this by doing a full selection of your new home so you know exactly what you are getting and it is clearly listed in your contract.
  • We understand that the biggest cost overruns (or surprises) are most likely to occur from the Floor down. That’s why, before we provide you with your final proposal, we complete a thorough site inspection that includes:
    1. soil tests – to tell us exactly what lies beneath the surface and therefore what allowances we need to make for excavation, footings, slab classification, etc; and
    2. site survey – which will identify the contours of your site and highlight any additional requirements that may be needed for your excavation, foundations, retaining walls, service connection locations, etc.

We have committed our time, our experience and our knowledge to attaining the dreams of our clients and we understand that the measure of our value is only measured by our client’s success in meeting their goals.

We believe that putting the needs of our clients first ultimately serves the best interests of our clients, our company and our community.

The Rainbow Building Solutions Build Time, Fixed Price and Quality Guarantees offer you peace of mind when building your home. After all, we are committed to building the most important home ever built. Yours!